Make your students feel empowered, motivated and excited to learn: new mindset intervention that actually works.

Turbo-Charge Study Success with Empowered Attitude Choice

Limiting attitudes and beliefs towards learning, online studies and peer interaction can hold students back from reaching their full potential and enjoying maximum study success even in well designed learning environments. Limiting attitudes can be invisible yet act like driving a powerful car with a pulled handbrake.

Would you like your online courses to be more successful? Then you need to help your students adopt a powerful attitude for learning. What if a short intervention in your course would do THIS:

  • Students enjoy your (online) course more, thus be more likely to like it and recommend it to others
  • Students become more motivated, pro-active and resourceful to solve their own learning challenges
  • Students feel more confident to take risks to deepen their learning in collaboration with others
  • Students feel better prepared for successful group work (emotionally and cognitively)
  • You are left with reduced workload handling issues and complaints

‘Empowered Attitude Choice’ does just that. It is a proven successful mindset intervention for online learning based on the principle of empowering students to recognise and choose their most promising success attitude through coaching inspired guided self-discovery. It has successfully been run in Higher Education online courses for 4 years and is now released to be used by the first 100 institutions.  

Adding ‘Empowered Attitude Choice’ to your course will increase intrinsic motivation and self-determination and take no more than 2 hours for your students, with powerful results in the following areas:

  • EMOTIONAL: turning apprehension about online learning and returning to education into positive excitement and eagerness to get started
  • AUTONOMY/CHOICE: feeling more ownership and being in control of their learning
  • SELF-EFFICACY: feeling competent in their perceived capabilities to find ways forward  
  • SOCIAL: developing more empathy and understanding with other students’ behaviour, increasing group cohesion and paving the way for productive group work

Typical Student Comments

‘Initially I was very apprehensive about my own ability to do this, particularly my technical abilities, or lack thereof I making my way around Moodle and conducting my online studies. The exercises have given me the confidence in myself and my ability and they have cemented for me that the choice to undertake this course was the right one for me’

‘I found this activity a hugely beneficial and enjoyable experience. I am realising I am in control of my own learning and I will stay open to new perspectives and opportunity for growth’

‘I believe this exercise has helped me build my self-confidence and self-esteem. I have so much to learn, stay curious about learning in this new way (online) and take ownership of my own learning journey.  I am inspired by hearing about others’ chosen attitudes and going through it together I am no longer afraid and expect a little discomfort and vulnerability along the road of transformative change.’

‘What a great way to kick off this new program, my attitude towards learning has significantly changed after completing the activity. I am in charge of my own learning. I can do this.’

If you are an educator, tutor, online course provider, coach, HR professional or business trainer, you will love this.  

Want to see how it works? It costs less than one evening out. Enrol me for ‘Empowered Attitude Choice’ here. You will see a simple form to fill and will then be straight in the course.
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