My Story of ‘Develop and Grow’

Until not too long ago, when people wanted to know about me, I used to say or write something like:

I am an international certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) with many years of experience helping people across the world to reach their goals and ambitions. I hold an MBA (distinction) from the high ranked WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management/Germany and a recent MSc Digital Education (distinction) from the university of Edinburgh. During my 15 years of working in International Marketing/Brand Management at Procter & Gamble in Germany, UK and Switzerland, I led international teams and projects. One of the things I enjoy most is helping people to learn and grow. I love coaching people to succeed, whatever their definition of success is. I believe in diversity and there being many ‘right’ paths.  

But is that who I truly am? Does that tell you what you really want to know?

How about I am a mother and a wife or I like road cycling, running, enjoy working-out, traveling and learning, studying – I am just about to start another MSc degree in Psychology (part-time) and based on my previous MBA and MSc Digital Technology I am enrolled to start my PhD thereafter.

Still doesn’t quite do it, does it?

So I decided I would tell you a bit of my story instead. This story is not polished and not everything went as planned. It’s a story of jobs requiring me to move countries several times, fighting cancer while looking after an 18 month old. It’s a story of huge success and times of exhaustion, finally discovering what really matters to me (my inner compass) planning a dream life just to see its first execution destroyed by the financial crisis. It’s a story of permanent search, experimentation, some failure and a lot of growth, in fact, reflecting upon what really matters on the highest level, moving forwards and growing with every step (good or bad) has been my anchor. Calling something moving ‘my anchor’ sounds like an oxymoron but when you think of it – and I thought about it a lot – it’s the inner compass to clearly guide your decisions and direction, the many learnings and lessons as well as the skills and resilience you build on the way that give you the confidence you can always find a way to move forwards, for me it’s something to rely on and find deep comfort in. I now know it’s called ‘personal leadership’ and I would love to share it with you.

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