Student Development Coaching

I provide powerful 1:1 coaching and workshops around the following topics:

  • personal leadership
  • mindset/attitude change (for learning success)
  • graduate skill development to help postgraduate students maximise their employability

I also design effective online courses and course elements according to university specifications. See list below. 

Current clients include the University of Edinburgh Business School (UK), as well as the University of Limerick Kemmy Business School (Ireland).

The modality for delivering student development coaching can take any form from face-to-face, online and/or phone/skype coaching services.  

Professional Services for Online Educators:

Just the study success catalyst your online course needed! This 2 hour proven successful intervention is run at the start of  your own course and will boost your students’ course satisfaction, motivation and excitement to engage in their online learning journey. Your course will receive better ratings and more recommendations! Your workload handling issues will reduce. To see my blog post about how Empowered Attitude Choice drove success added to an online Master program at a business school, click on the link above. To evaluate Empowered Attitude Choice for yourself and enrol for a one-off fee, click on the link here,  Contact me to buy a license for unlimited use of the concept or the online course itself.