Becoming A Personal Leader - FAST

Fast Track Success Path

Why Choose The Fast Track Success Path?

Don’t waste more time and effort searching around. Follow the most direct route to becoming the person you want to be, so you can start enjoying magical life adventures. Take the 4-Step Fast Track Success Path and challenge yourself to unlock your full potential and create your most fulfilling life. Gain the clarity and focus that eliminates all your FOMO (fear of missing out) , that creates peace of mind and the strength to no longer be bothered by other’s judgments. How? By developing 100% certainty that you are on your right, most fulfilling path.

It’s a commitment and it takes time and effort initially. Even only taking Step 1 will save you time and effort for the rest of your life. Once you have your personalised compass you know where to put your limited energy with maximum effect, beginning to live a magical life on your terms.

The 4-Step Fast Track Success Path

Cutting edge courses that provide everything you need to become a Personal leader and enjoy an ever more fulfilling life

  • Clear structure - no guess work, no confusion, no overwhelm
  • Result-focused - no meandering, no rabbit holes, no endless work
  • Personalised - no one-size-fits all, tailored to you
  • Expert Guidance & Support - no stuckness, no feeling alone
  • Accountability - no playing small, no procrastination
  • Interactive - no boredom, lots of fun and engagement

Supporting you all the way

You could spend years working on your self awareness alone but there is a short-cut: 4 cutting-edge interactive online courses – one in each key personal leadership development area – is all you need. Each highly interactive course is a stand-alone course with coach support and you don’t have to take them all.

  • 1.
    Self Awareness
    Clarify Your Values
    • Life changing self-awareness
    • Clarity on unique personal values & happiness factors
    • Personal definition of success
    • New decision making confidence & control of your life
    • Take Away: Personalised Value Compass
  • 2.
    Attitude & Mindset
    Be Resilient
    • Learn the 3 secrets of mindset
    • Understand your current energy blocks and techniques to release them
    • Master tools to re-empower yourself and feel abundant positive energy
    • Feel in control of creating opportunities and achieve your goals
    • Take Away: Personalised Mindset Frame & Score Card
  • 3.
    Vision & Purpose
    Be Driven
    • Clarity on your life purpose
    • Personal definition of true self
    • Clear vision of at least 3 dream life scenarios
    • Insight into your true potential
    • Feel inspired to Go Beyond
    • Take Away: Identity Chart & Dream Life Movie
  • 4.
    Change & Transformation
    Feel Truly Alive
    • Confidence combining values, mind-agility and dream life vision
    • Maintain peace of mind while enjoying unstoppable progress
    • Become the powerful pilot of your life and the person you want to be
    • Learn how to create connection to your higher energy and others
    • Master the art of habit and co-activity to stay on your personal SilkeyWay
    • Take Away: Personalised SilkeyWay Flow Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to complete all 4 steps of the success path?
    If you work through all 4 steps one after the other you will be finished in 22 weeks, around 5 months.
  • Do I have to go through all 4 steps?
    No. While I have designed the courses to complement each other, every course is a stand-alone course. If you just picked one, I would recommend IVALYOO for the enormous difference it will make to your life instantly.
  • Do I need to complete all 4 steps within a time frame?
    No. You can take as much time as you need. People who go through all 4 in succession simply enjoy the momentum and the support in the coaching groups.
  • How are the courses delivered?
    All courses are hosted and delivered on our private Learning Platform. They consist of a mix of videos, lessons, exercises and quizzes. While Step 1 and 2 are self-paced and can be taken anytime, Step 3 and 4 are small group courses with workshops, lessons and group coaching. These run a few times a year.
  • Will I be able to interact with others?
    Yes, absolutely! All courses include discussion forums for interaction. Step 3 and 4 are built around regular group discussions (webinars, workshops, forums) and are highly interactive.
  • What happens when I have finished all 4 steps?
    Your life will already change after step 1. When you have finished all 4 steps, you feel and behave like a Personal Leader, you will be confidently designing highly meaningful life adventures and enjoying your life to the full. You will be living according to your own unique definition of sucess. If you want to stay part of the exceptional group of Personal Leaders, I invite you to join the Develop & Grow Personal Leader membership. In the membership we continue to support each other on our extraordinary life paths. You can join the membership anytime. You don't have to wait till you have completed step 4.

Your Coach

Silke Rehman

Personal Leadership Coach

You will work with me, Silke Rehman (MBA, MSc, CPCC). I am an international certified professional co-active coach (CPCC), passionate authentic life designer and multilingual motivational speaker with decades of experience helping people across the world to reach their goals and ambitions. During my 15 years of working in International Marketing/Brand Management at Procter & Gamble in Germany, UK and Switzerland, and the following decades in the Middle East, Germany and UK I most enjoyed helping people to learn and grow, grow into the person they want to be and create the life that has true meaning for them and fulfils them. I love empowering people to succeed, whatever their definition of success. I believe in diversity and there being many ‘right’ paths as long as you commit to becoming an authenic Personal Leader.

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