March 29th, 2024

2024 World Happiness Summit WOHASU – 5 Key Take Aways

My top 5 take aways from WOHASU

I had a most wonderful time at WOHASU in London 2024 and am infinitely grateful for having received the opportunity to participate by Action for Happiness. There was inspiration for everyone and here are my personal top 5 take aways:

  1. Take a first small step to make yourself happier and then BECOME A TEACHER TO OTHERS.
  2. It’s ok to be lost, there is freedom in being lost which you can use to bring your power back.
  3. Sincerity & authenticity are close to happiness. Know yourself! Build authentic connections!
  4. Happiness requires alignment between who you are inside and outside.
  5. Success is about serving and knowing to live your values!


Ask yourself 2 questions (to notice the contrast between your current life focus and what really matters to you):
a)  Why am I alive?
b) For what would you give your life at this moment?

I am personally a huge believer of starting with clarifying your values to be guided in your life (it saved me, guiding me to build a happier life after surviving cancer) and I was thrilled to hear values mentioned by both the US Surgeon General and Rangan Chatterjee as a key foundation for happiness.  Based on co-active coaching methodology and as a personal leadership coach I run the online course IVALYOO helping people clarify their values and learn how to use their personal value compass to create meaning and fulfilment.  The empowering impact on people’s life is astonishing and so beautiful to witness.
The course is called IVALYOO. Here is more info about it. Join me on the course to create more positive energy in this world!  Apply for a free place as a course auditor by contacting me and letting me know it will serve you. I felt deeply inspired by Arthur Brooks saying. ‘We want a movement, become a teacher or missionary’. And if you happen to be a life coach, join me to teach the course and spread the light!